Stripper Cable Sheet Fibre Flat 12F ULW

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Overhead Prysmian 12f Ultra Light Weight drop cable slitter.
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The stripper has a profiled cassette that makes two longitudinal parallel slits in the sheath on one side of a 12f Flat Dropcable (typically as supplied by Corning). One cassette contains two rotatory blades which cuts through the outer sheath to enable a portion of the sheath to be ‘peeled’ away and expose the cable element. This operation can be repeated, if necessary, on the other portion of the cable to separate the strength members for anchoring purposes in fibre nodes.

A profiled roller is located either side of the rotary blade to ensure the internal cable element is not damaged during the stripping operation. The handle locking mechanism ensures the stripper remains closed during the sheath stripping operation. A wrist strap and user instructions are supplied with each stripper.

Overall Dimensions (w x h x d) – 210 x 67 x 36mm (including cassette)

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