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Power Equipment

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Blown Fibre Air Compressor LM7010 Petrol
 In stock
Blown Fibre Air Compressor LM7010e Electric 110V
 In stock
Cable Blowing Machine JetStream
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Cable Blowing Machine Tornado Plus
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Clarke CFP10H Portable 5HP Petrol Air Compressor
 3-5 days
Generator 2.2KVA Dual 115/230V
 In stock
Hose 2A (5 metres)
 In stock
Product Code: W2036
Hose 3A (Per metre)
 In stock
Product Code: W2037
Kaeser M17A Compressor
 2-3 days
Product Code: W2240
Pump Accessories
 See invidudual items
Product Code: W2031 - W2035
Pump Hand No 1
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Product Code: W2028
Pump Submersible 3A 110V
 In stock
Product Code: W2215
Pump Submersible 3A 110V Ponstar
 In stock
Transformer 3.3 KVA
 In stock
Product Code: W2072
TransforTransformer Tool Electric 3
 In stock
Ventilator and Hose K15 110V
 In stock
Product Code: W2115
Ventilator Hose 203mm 5 metres
 In stock
Ventilator Hose 203mm 7 metres
 In stock
Ventilator Portable 8 inch 110V incl. 7m hose
 In stock
Items 1 to 20 of 21 total
1 2