ODM Optical USB Power Meter UPM 100

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Optical power meter for SM and MM fiber testing on a computer.
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ODM’s UPM 100 USB Power Meter is used with ODM software to capture dB loss and absolute power dBm readings in optical fiber systems. The UPM’s compact size and “plug and play” configuration make it the perfect tool for loss testing at any site; simply plug it into the USB port on any computer running ODM software and begin testing.
Compatible with ODM’s software applications, the UPM 100 transmits a continuous stream of data to ensure the most accurate reading possible. Users can save readings based on customer or build-specific guidelines, and results displayed in red or green help testers easily identify acceptable and unacceptable dB loss measurements.
The small form-factor and simple design of this optical power meter make it an ideal choice for benchtop or labratory fiber testing; just plug the power meter in to a Windows computer via USB, open the ODM software, and begin testing. 
This USB power meter comes equipped with a 2.5mm universal adapter.
Other universal and specific adapter/connector styles are available.

• Measures 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1611, 1625nm wavelengths
• dB and dBm measurement modes with reference-set function
• NIST-traceable measurements
• Easy USB plug-and-play functionality with ODM’s free software
• Small size ideal for manufacturing, laboratory, and other benchtop fiber testing applications
• Interchangeable input connector adapters

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