ODM Optical Power Meter RP 560

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Bluetooth-enabled optical power meter for SM and MM Testing.
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The RP 560 optical power meter provides users with a simple platform for testing fiber optic cables at all connection points in the network. A highly-navigable interface and Bluetooth functionality help to expedite the fiber testing process for busy technicians.
Capable of displaying and testing 2 wavelengths at once, the RP 560 cuts dB loss testing time in half when used with the DLS 655 laser source. The power meter automatically detects the wavelength output from the light source and displays the output power/loss for each detected wavelength.
Saving data from multiple sites is as simple as identifying a new folder within the RP 560 menu and beginning the test process. All data points are automatically saved into the selected folder, so multiple sites can be tested and saved before data needs to be offloaded for reporting.
For users operating in a benchtop or manufacturing environment, the data from the RP 560 can be mirrored to a Windows, Android, or iOS device using USB (Windows only) or Bluetooth. Live-streaming the data to a computer or tablet allows fast sharing and report creation.

• Bluetooth functionality with Android and iOS devices
• Wavelength ID mode detects signal from DLS 655 laser source and automatically switches wavelength settings
• 1000+ data point storage - test multiple sites and offload data from individual folders
• Audible modulation alert for 2kHz, 1kHz, and 270Hz tones
• Interchangeable input connector adapters
• Measures 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1611, 1625nm wavelengths

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