ODM Optical Power Meter RP 460

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Optical power meter for SM and MM fiber testing,
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The RP 460 Optical Power Meter measures optical power on fiber optic networks operating at many common SM and MM wavelengths. These easy-to-use optical power meters provide absolute dBm or dB loss measurements on all optical networks. The RP 460 allows the user to set the incoming signal to a “zero” reference and provide direct loss measurements.
Users can store up to 4000 measurements and transfer data via the mini USB port to any computer running ODM software. The unit allows users to review saved readings in the field to ensure that all appropriate data has been gathered. The unit also integrates with ODM’s LFI 100 accessory, which turns the RP 460 into an easy-to-use Live Fiber Identifier.
Use the RP 460 to check the output at the patch panel or wall outlet in the premise, telecom or broadband market. Connection to the fiber under test is made via the included universal 2.5 mm adapter. Additional connector
adapter styles are available.

• Measures 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1611, 1625nm wavelengths
• dB and dBm measurement modes with reference-set function
• Onboard test results saving with USB data offload or stream to computer running ODM software
• Audible incoming 2kHz signal alert
• Interfaces with LFI 110 Live Fiber Identifier accessory
• Interchangeable input connector adapters

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