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Hand Tools

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Nippers Diagonal Cutting with Spring
A lever assisted side cutter with return spring. Handles are not sheathed. Size 140mm
Product Code: W1006
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Nippers Miniature Flush Cut 130mm
Designed for fine assemble and adjustment operations on electronic circuits
Product Code: W1013
 In stock
Pincers 200mm - 8″
Carpenters type pincers 200mm (8inch) in length. Supplied with plain handles and a black oxide finish.
Product Code: W1034
 In stock
Pliers Combination
General purpose combination pliers with side cutter and serrated jaws
Product Code: W1022 - W1023
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Pliers Crimping 11A
Used to crimp Connectors Wire Insulated.
Product Code: W1029
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Pliers Crimping Ratchet
W1201 Heavy duty ratchet crimping pliers for insulated terminals.Red 0.5-1mm², Blue 1.5-2.5mm², Yellow 4-6mm²
Product Code: W1201
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Pliers Crimping Steel
W1202 Extra thick 4mm steel, hardened & tempered crimping & cutting edges with easy grip cushioned handles. Used for insulated terminals.
Product Code: W1202
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Pliers Gas 8in
Pliers Gas 8inch
Product Code: W1030
 In stock
Pliers Long Nose - 6inch
General duty, forged carbon steel correctly hardened and tempered.
Product Code: W1036
 In stock
Pliers Rod Sweep
W1033 Scissor action pliers with unusually shaped jaws to aid the separation of Rods Duct fitted with latch type couplings
Product Code: W1033
 In stock
Pliers Strapping
W1032 Specialist pliers for use with strapping steel 5mm and buckle strapping steel
Product Code: W1032
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Pliers Water Pump 250mm
Pliers Water Pump 250mm
Product Code: W1031
 In stock
Pliers Wiring 2
W1020 Wiring pliers with serrated jaws and taper nose. Size: 140mm (5 1/2")
Product Code: W1020
 In stock
Plugging Chisel With Guard
Used for removing mortar. Size:250 mm.
Product Code: W1127
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Ratchet Handle Hex 1/4″ 150mm
Ratchet Handle for Socket Drives Hex 1/4" - 150mm
Product Code: W1478
 In stock
Resin Applicator Gun 300ml Red H/Duty
Resin Applicator Gun 300ml Red H/Duty
Product Code: E3351
 In stock
Screwdriver Cabinet
W1050 - W1053 "Cabinet" pattern , larger type screwdrivers for general engineering and carpentry work.
Product Code: W1050 - W1053
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Screwdriver PZ2 x 250mm Soft Grip
Soft Grip Handle screwdiver PZ2 x 250mm
Product Code: W1311
 In stock
Screwdriver set
7 piece chrome vanadium screwdriver set with hardened & tempered magnetic tips and softgrip handles. Set includes slotted: 75x3mm 75x5mm...
Product Code: W1039
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Snap & Seal™ Tool IT1000
W3009 Snap & Seal™ Tool IT1000 W3010 Replacement Blade A combination tool which prepares the cable and installs the RG59/6 connectors.
Product Code: W3009 - W3010
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Items 41 to 60 of 83 total
1 2 3 4 5